Hirst Authentication Committee


The Hirst Authentication Committee (HIAC Ltd) is a not for profit organisation established by Damien Hirst with the aim of providing collectors with a cost-effective and efficient process with which to verify the authenticity of his prints and artworks, as well as aiming to clarify confusion over artworks mistakenly attributed to him.

HIAC Ltd works closely with the artist and his publishers, and where necessary consults independent art professionals in order to establish conclusive verdicts about the authenticity of artworks and prints submitted for authentication.

HIAC Ltd is the only organisation authorised to authenticate prints and artworks by Damien Hirst.

PLEASE NOTE- HIAC Ltd holds authentication sessions approximately six times a year and cannot, unfortunately, accomodate authentications outwith these times. Once your details have been submitted, further information will be provided regarding time-scale.

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