Hirst Authentication Committee

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Please fill in the form below to submit an artwork for authentication.

We are unable to positively authenticate an artwork without a physical examination of the piece, however it does help to have as much information as possible from the outset and so please provide as much detail as you can at this stage. We will contact you via email if we require further information, and to provide you with the information necessary to arrange an authentication.

1) Submitter's Details
2) Current owner
3) Artwork


4) Purchase history

Please provide us with copies of any documents you possess relating to the purchase history and/or provenance of the artwork(s) you are submitting. These could, for example, be a proof of purchase or certificate of authenticity. Submitting these documents will speed up the authentication process.

    5) Upload imagery

    Please only provide images in which the artwork is clearly visible. Where relevant please provide close-ups of the signature and the edition number. Images should not exceed 2MB in size.


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